Thanks for dropping by to check out my portfolio. It doesn't cover all of my work but hopefully it will give you an idea of my design style and whether you feel this is a good fit for your project.
My love for design began at a young age and after ignoring my art teachers advice to study graphic design at university (I studied publishing instead) I found myself drawn back into the design world whilst working on my university newspaper. I explored more by taking a certificate course at the London College of Communication, slowly gaining freelance clients on the side of my day job, and completing an MA in Graphic Design at the University for Creative Arts.

Fast forward ten years and I am now very happily freelancing from all over the world, although primarily I am based at the Kentish seaside, near London, England and can easily pop into the big smoke to see clients.

I also partner with a variety of other businesses in order to be able to provide a full service to my clients when needed. My partners include digital marketing experts, social media gurus, photographers, web developers, copywriters, and illustrators.

Whilst my main focus is design I also love to travel and explore new parts of the world, as well as revisiting old favourites. I am also on the TEDxFolkestone team where I help on the design side of things. If you want to see what I have been up to then Instagram is where I hang out most, as well as occasional pinning sprees on Pinterest when starting new projects or looking for travel inspiration. 

Please feel free to contact me with any questions whatsoever or just to say hello!

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